Sunday, 7 July 2013

Kultur Festival Markgröningen 6.7.13 - Lord Of The Dance- Bellydance style- Funk & Rythm-60's style

Hi to all you power tapping people well yesterday I performed in Markgröningen Kultur Festival I did 4 different styles in 10 min .I use some artistic flairs as well with with ribbon dance tap and Lord of the dance style, Bellydance ,Funk Rythm Tap,60's style tap -Candy shop .Thanks for driving me around Gitta Sigmund. The Kultur Festival Markgröningen was an event with Different kinds of Dance styles and kids singing musical theater songs , Flamenco tanz .
Kula' s Griechischer tanz mit gemacht .
I performed at 4.30 pm on stage bring as much fun and energy to the people and showing all the different styles of Tap .
It was such a pleasant Day there i was very happy to perform .

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