Monday, 27 October 2014

Alpay Sen - Music Night V.I.P performance 25.10.14

Happy Monday to you all, hear are some updates on a promotion performance by I did at Alpay Sen - Music night

Intercoiffure Alpay Sen

Untere Strasse 2
D-72636 Frickenhausen
Tel.: 07022 / 47 01 28
Fax: 07022 / 90 48 48

With other wonderful performers it was a fun filled evening & there were wedding hairstyles presented which was magical ,photography by - Markus Ekhard.   

More updates to come :-)
lots of sunny stardust 
From Kimberly Trees 

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Grosse Kinder-Halloweenparty in Woman Pur on tge 26.10.14

I am performing on Saturday in" Woman Pur " for the kids I will teach them dance moves  & english with a bit of singing its going to be lots of fun I look forward to inspiring them , photography by Sarah Weeber, sending you all lots of sunshine  stars from Kimberly Trees 

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Rockabilly Festival event in the MHP Arena Ludwigsburg - 18.10.14

"The Baseballs"& Kitty & me 

Ray Martin

What a wonderful event it was last night with The Baseballs performed  last night and other stars  like Ray Martin & The Pinstripes -Restless-Fabulous Daddy-Slapdask-Jonny & the Hotrods what an Unbelievable  evening with music & rockabilly style & dance rockabilly hairstyle by Haarstall -Andrea Heger  & red tight dress is buy "NuNu -Comp"
 ,:-) sunny sunday from Kimberly Trees

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Zumba Event Halloween Party 26.10.14

The weekend is hear  and wanted to up date you on the coming event on the 26.10.14 its zumba Halloween party at Woman Pur -
starts at 2.30 pm till 
5 pm Sandra will be instructing & I will too we both are looking forward to it . You can dress up or wear normal training gear there will be child minding . Lots of party feeling maybe some new choreographys . Sending you all sunshine from Kimberly Trees 

Friday, 10 October 2014

Hutmodernschau on the 28.9.14 event " Foyer Des Opernhauses"

Hi Everyone , I hope you had a wonderful week hear is an up date from a wonderful event I went to the hutmodenshau in the Foyer des opernhauses with Jutta, Gitta & Mayumi it was a show with many different hat designs with brilliant creativity , i just love it there were hats from 3 hat designer I just am thrilled each year to see what they come up with 
" Hut Hanne" - "Herr Lange" -"Birgit sophie metzger" & more it was a wonderful sunday morning September 28.9.14 Thanks very much Jutta Uhde for the einladung brilliant idea , one of my favorite was the butterfly hat woooohh what an amazing design. My space hat was made by Marcelo Pivoto Bolter . I look forward to future designs they all do.

Time for bed after sorting showreel videos out onto USB stick 
Sleep well & have a sunny weekend 
From Kimberly Trees