Thursday, 29 January 2015

60's Tribute show -50 th birthday Florian Schmidt & Lutz Wahler event 19.12.14

Hear is a Thursday update from another performance I did on the 19.12.14 it was an event with a tribute of the 60's music for a 50 th birthday of Florian schmidt  & Lutz  Wahler,  This was a very creative event and i jump in at last minute . I sang songs like
" These  Boots Are Made For Walking ", "Proud mary " , the food was amazing 
And venue "kunsthalle Feuerbach" . 

Sunny rest of the week to you all 
from Kimberly Trees 

Monday, 26 January 2015

"57 Ball Der Nationen" in the Liederhalle Stuttgart the 14.3.15

Ein Schone montag abend fur alle :-) Hier ist mein eine die nachste aufdritts & du kannst via  dein tickets bestellen oder  via  Jongky Goei - 
Telephone hotline 0711 2555555
Es ist ein super abend mit ganz andrea artists und viel international creativität ich freu mich schon  . 

Schlaf gut :-) 
Stern farbelhaft carebears 
Von Kimberly Trees

12/2014 Raum Stuttgart Speziel Tieflader & Gourmet Koch REMI BUTTERLIN Party Service ,Kimberly Trees singing - Ave Marie on the Buffet table

Hear is another wonderful monday & with more updates to come . This White Christmas Event was presented with a beautiful long table full of Gourmet Koch REMI BUTTERLIN Party Service ,

Tieflader 12/2014 Raum Stuttgart Speziel Tieflader -In my dreams i allways wanted to singing Ave Marie in the white dress by Modedesign Tobias Siewert

Bridal Shop

Wagnerstraße 37, 70182 Stuttgart

0711 2384874

Snowflake stars from Kimberly Trees 

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Gemsinsame Weihnachtsfeier 11.12.14

Hi al my wonderful supporters :-) ,Hear is another beautiful event I performed at the end of last year 11.12.14 in "Woman Pur  fitness fur frauen & Wellness studio" Gemeinsam Weihnachten party . I would love to thank my Ellen Ruck for letting me have creative freedom  in performing a inspiring & christmas theme & Gitta Sigmund for organising entspannung event . Big THANKS to Nina Snjezana what an amazing job you did :-)
& to all Collegues 
Martina Mänz
Maike Mogilski
Jacqueline  Schulisch
Carola Conzelmann
Elmira Avdic
Daria Gerts
Svenja Heinicke
Isabel Krawicz
Vanessa Vaca
Wonderful photography by - Milva Rosa März
I sang 3 songs :Oh holy night -all about that base -a little party never killed nobody . Then Sandra brought everyone out onto the dancefloor for Zumba party . 

Sending you all more info in the next few days sunny snowflowers from Kim :-) 

Friday, 16 January 2015

Fitness Company -30.11.14 Advent 1 Brunch party

Happy new year 2015 everyone , hear are some more updates from my performances last year , firstly in the Fitness Company -1 Advent  Brunch event  I sang between the wonderful food & the training area thanks very much to Heidrun Malchow for this unique event .

Lots of sunshine from 
Kimberly Trees