Monday, 18 May 2015

RTL Gutenmorgen Deutscheland swimming costume test on the 4.5.15 with fashion designer Tobias Siewert in Fildorado

Another update on the 4.5.15 There was a swimming costume  test  to see how good the quality was of these swimmers & the price was under €10 its was for
 " RTL Gutenmorgen Deutschland "what a wonderful time it was going down the slippery dip & jumping of the jumping bord the result was explained by Tobias Siewert   an amazing fashion Designer from Stuttgart & Thanks for asking me to be appart of this TV special  I really appreciate it . 

Have a sunny day
 from Kimberly  Trees

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Jutta Uhde & Katrin Liedkte -" light & Schade for your eyes", 10.5.15

Happy sunday to you all , hear are photos from  the 10 th of May there was an exibition discription from Jutta Uhde & Katrin Liedkte -" light & Schade for your eyes", there was a verbal discription given on this presentation of these amazing paintings & also the possiblity to write your own version of what Jutta Uhde's paintings made you feel .This event was organised by -Shiau-Nan 

Sending you all a sunny day from Kimberly Trres 

Saturday, 16 May 2015

"Best Of Musical & Wine Gala "- Bad Neuenahr onstage Photography- Jens Wendroth

The wonderful -"Best Of Musical & 
Wine ", Gala in Bad Neuenahr Kurhaussaal Theater with memorable photography by - Jens Wendorth big congratulations to producers 
Gaby Kern
Frank-Peter Kern
Organised by "Weingut Sonnenberg"
Michaela Wolff
Marc Linden
the entire cast what a warm & fun time we all had . 

Fabian Nallinger
Mirko Kärst
René Bibelge
Jan "Peppe" Andersson
Franziska Jakob

Hannes Schauz
Giorgio Radoja
Jochen Bens
Derek Williams
Martin Esser
Phillip Allbright

Kevin Tarte
Melanie Ortner-Stassen
Michaela Wolff
Marc Linden
Gaby Kern
Frank-Peter Kern
Andrea Weck
Irmgard Schröder
Kimberly Trees
Gian Marco Schiaretti

Nina Borkowski
Björn Franke
Rebecca Behr

More information for next year look on this websit . 

Sunny glitterdust weekend from 
Kimberly Trees 

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Frühlingsfruhstück mit Vernissage 22.3.15 in Fitness Company

What a wonderful morning on the 22.3.15 in the  Fitness Company
 Heidrun Malchow Fruhlingsfruhstück event ,Photography presantation by Monika Winkler, hola hoop performance by Marina Skuldiskaya , & performance by Kimberly Trees .  The food was wonderfuly done thanks a lot Fitness Company for such an interesting event. 

Sunshine from Kimberly Trees

"57 Ball Der Nationen" Liederhalle Stuttgart 14.3.15 produced by Jongky Goei

Photos by Sarah Weeber 
Idea from Jongky Goei 
 Me as Conchita Wurst 

Liederhalle Buhne 

Painting -by Jutta Uhde 

George Bailey & Kimberly Trees 

Kimberly as Conchita Wurst

Paintings by -Jutta Uhde 

SLK Pop ensemble 

Different nationalitys flags & food & Dance & singing styles 

Zumba photos coming soon 
Big thanks to , 
- Woman Pur -Frauen Fitness & wellness club & Sandra Sessler instructored & Gitta Sigmund helped organise 

SLK Pop ensemble & Kimberly Trees