Monday, 29 July 2013

Glamour Theater Show - Betty & Marko Wedding Friday 26.7.13

Hi everyone just going to give you another insight to the new project I have been working on with Melanie Oster , we sang on Friday the 26.7.13 in Burg Hohenneuffen for her sisters wedding Betty & Marko what a wonderful evening it was we sang
1. Nowadays
2.That Man
3. A Little Party Never Killed Nobody
And hear are the wonderful photos from the amazing evening . ☀☀☀☀☀

Friday, 19 July 2013

Painting -Photography by- JUTTA UHDE

Hear are some more paintings and photography done by an excellent Artist -Jutta Uhde from Stuttgart if you would like to contact her just write via email:
There is a wide range of different painting and Photography styles done by Jutta Uhde enjoy the creative flair and I keep you updated ☀☀☀☀Kim

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Frau Huber Birthday Event - 6.7.13 In Esslingen "Accanto . In Dress By -"GOLDKNOPF COUTURE " Stuttgart

Hear is an update on the 2nd performance I did in the evening on the 6.7.13 it was Frau Huber's Birthday party event in the Accanto resturant a beautiful location in Esslingen . My song list was
1st Act
1. Love lifts us up
2. Memorys
3. Ich gehor nur mir
4. Voulez Vous
5.Time of my life
6. Babiska

2nd Act
1. Total Eclipes of the heart
2. Aber bitte mit sahne
3. Don't cry for me argentina .
4. Farben speil des winds .
5.Proud Mary

It was a fun filled evening with loverly people I was greatful to be performing at this event .And especially wearing Dress by - Goldknopf Couture . That just completes and enhances my
performance .

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Kultur Festival Markgröningen 6.7.13 - Lord Of The Dance- Bellydance style- Funk & Rythm-60's style

Hi to all you power tapping people well yesterday I performed in Markgröningen Kultur Festival I did 4 different styles in 10 min .I use some artistic flairs as well with with ribbon dance tap and Lord of the dance style, Bellydance ,Funk Rythm Tap,60's style tap -Candy shop .Thanks for driving me around Gitta Sigmund. The Kultur Festival Markgröningen was an event with Different kinds of Dance styles and kids singing musical theater songs , Flamenco tanz .
Kula' s Griechischer tanz mit gemacht .
I performed at 4.30 pm on stage bring as much fun and energy to the people and showing all the different styles of Tap .
It was such a pleasant Day there i was very happy to perform .