Friday, 8 January 2016

Flashback event -"Zhanna Tabler " : Hair Trend Day 23.5.15 opening Salon

Good morning everyone , 
This is a flashback from May  it was a wonderful promotion event by  
 " Zhanna Tabler" Hair Salon opening Party : "Hair Trends day " , this was organised also by Alex Sigmund & Gitta Sigmund ,it was filled with unreal make-up  , Hair styling trends  presantations & more I was happy to perform on this evening a variete of songs . 

Sunny roses for your day 
From. Kimberly Trees

Thursday, 7 January 2016

29.11.15 1st advent Brunch "Fitness Company "

This was the loverly 1st Advent Brunch event in the Fitness Company  on the 29th November, This was with a Christmas Brunch & Cookies organised by Heidrun Malchow & Helmut Malchow. The divine white snowflake dress Designed & made by Tobias Siewert & Beautiful Hairstyling was created by 
Zhanna Tabler Then I did a short  performance of Christmas songs & musical songs . 

Sleep well everyone with glitter stars 
From Kimberly Trees 

22.11.15 : Holiday Inn Hotel : Musical & Brunch

Hear is another wonderful performing adventures as an entertainer for today :-) ,this is an insight to the Musical & Brunch sunday in the beautiful venue at Holiday Inn hotel  to Alexandra Meierhans & Florian Hebenstreit  for wonderful organisation .
Big complements to all the staff the Food was delicous  also thanks to Alpay Sen for my fantastic hair styling .

More dunny stars from 
Kimberly Trees

7.11.15- "Benefitzkonzert: Kinderpflegeheim Neu Delhi

To Everyone :-) , 

Hear is some photo's from this loverly fun event for " Benifitzkoncert : Kinderpflegeheim Neu Delhi ", it was a concert evening with live singing & music by :Sevan & Olivler -Guitar & Singing ,
Jaline :Singing 
Kimberly Trees : Gesang & Dance .
Thanks to Beate who made it all possible 

Sunny day from Kimberly Trees 

15.10.15- "Mode/ Dekor & Kulinarik" Ein Abend Fur Die Sinne: By Tobias Siewert : " Sante De Santis " Gourmet resturant

Happy new year eveyone :-)))), I hope its a wonderful start for you all hear is an update from Last year event :"Sante De Santis "resturant Stuttgart :
 " Mode :Dekor: Kulinarik" by Tobias Siewert- Kim Valeska,Elka Steinmeyer ,Maria Stewert.  This wonderful resturant was beautifully decorated & had 4 Gourmet dishes  throughout the evening , there was a wide range of Fashion designs presented on this evening by fantastic models , Hairstyling by Alpay Sen & Photography by : Martin Minner . I sang soulful slow songs through this loverly evening .

Sending sunshine everywhere from Kimberly Trees