Saturday, 21 September 2013

Party Event 14.9.13 Performance Outfits

Performed at a 40th Birthday party on the 14.9.13 , I did 3 acts for this event .
1st act
1. suit and tie

2nd act
4. feel this moment
5.i follow
6. scream and shout

3rd act
7. Let me think about it .
8. That power/
10. A little party never killed nobody .

I was wearing 3 different styles of clothes which suited each act i was doing, the make up and hair was done by me and costumes I organised as well, Choreography was also done by me .

Lots of sunshine and more updates to come from KT ☀☀

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

"The Beauty Of Dance"-by Bseisa Kathinka Bassé on the 9.11.13 Kulturwerk

A performance put together by -Bseisa Kathinka Bassé , with many other dancers performing and building different styles together ,"The Beauty Of Dance "- well I mix singing - musical theater - Variete-tap styles like- Lord Of the dance - Oriental dance with Tap . It should be a really fun evening for more infomation-
Kulturwerk- 9.11.13
"The Beauty Of Dance" Show

Ostendstr. 106a, Stuttgart

Tel. 0711/480 65 45

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Radio Jingle Voiceover -Recording Job 4.9.10Bauer Studios GmbH - DAS Tonstudio für Ihre CD-, DVD- und SACD-Produktionen

Just a little update today I did a Voiceover for a Radio Jingle it was short and fun and also did it in a Australian Accent which was nice makes me love my Country and I am proud to be Australian ☀. The photo is by Jutta Uhde from Stuttgart