Thursday, 19 December 2013

Zumba Christmas Specials in Fitness Company & Woman Pur

Well everyone the end of the year is hear and I did with Sandra 2 zumba Christmas marathon Specials & we had an amazing time in the Fitness Company the photo on the Poster is by - Sarah Weeber & the zumba special was on the 7.12.13 from 3.30 till 6 pm with Xmas decorations done By Gitta Sigmund .In Woman Pur Weihnachten Zumba Special was on the
15.12.13 from 2.30 pm till 6 pm with 30 min pause . Thanks to all who were there and for having such a fun time , Merry Christmas To All from Kimberly Trees

Sunday, 1 December 2013

"The Beauty Of Dance "show in Kulturwerk 9.11.13

Hi everyone hear are photos from my performance at "The Beauty Of Dance " Bsecia organised this show and hear is me on stage singing "Time of my life" , "Proud Mary", then in the second act I performed a" russian -greek" tap routine & "Lord of the dance " what a wonderful audience we had thanks big time to all my fans for staying by my side .The magical photography was done
by Sarah Weeber thank you very much for all your hard work .

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Chris Hope 's Birthday and Halloween party in The " Friedrichsbau Variete Stuttgart "on the 31.10.13

I have another update on a fun performance I did in the Backstage of the Friedrichsbau Variete for Chris Hope's Birthday and Halloween Party it was unreal the music that chris played was UNREAL and. The people dressed up this party was a hit . I sang 3 songs
1. I put a spell on you .
2. A little party never killed nobody.
3. Applause .
And the girls came on and did a routine .

It was a memerable evening and I was honoured to perform .

Sunshine & stars from Kimberly Trees

Monday, 28 October 2013

Performance At Annette & Hansi wedding day 26.10.13 in Kicheim Tech

So I just to give an update saturday 26.10.13 I performed at the wedding of Annette & Hansi in Kircheim Tech St MartinsKiche and I sang " Love Lifts Us Up Were We Belong" ,with the wonderful Pianist -Florian Lipphardt and then there was the reception which was brilliant music playing and then presants were personally given to Annette & Hansi then I Performed 2 songs one for kids
1.Mashmellow Twirl
2. On the Radio

Then Hansi had to find Annette and went searching through Kircheim and found her in the Cafe then the celebrations continued on . What a memorable day and evening it was congratulations to them both .

Lots of sunshine stars
from Kimberly Trees

Zumba Marathon 27.10.13 in Woman Pur -Fitness fur frauen & Wellness club

Hi everyone hear is a little insit to my world , well the other week I did the Zumba Marathon by myself there were new choreographys and I had my light shoes called Twinkle toes on and bunny Ears on it was amazing fun 3 hours and 30 min break we took Photos and had an unreal time full of Dancing - salsa- samba, and top 10 chart songs . I loved it Thanks to Woman Pur and everyone who came along i Really appreciate it .

Sunshine stars from Kimberly Trees

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Halloween Zumba Party 28.10.13

On the 28.9.13 at Woman Pur - Fitness fur frauen & wellness club was the day we had the 'Halloween Zumba Party Marathon' it was lots of fun with New choreographys from 2.30pm till 6pm and a 30 min break inbetween there was soup and cocktail drinks with pretend eyes in them it was a Fantastic event , And all of the people who came had outfits on , and a good energy. I am thankful for this . The last photo is of me and Marie before it all began .

Sending sunshine from Kimberly Trees

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Party Event 14.9.13 Performance Outfits

Performed at a 40th Birthday party on the 14.9.13 , I did 3 acts for this event .
1st act
1. suit and tie

2nd act
4. feel this moment
5.i follow
6. scream and shout

3rd act
7. Let me think about it .
8. That power/
10. A little party never killed nobody .

I was wearing 3 different styles of clothes which suited each act i was doing, the make up and hair was done by me and costumes I organised as well, Choreography was also done by me .

Lots of sunshine and more updates to come from KT ☀☀

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

"The Beauty Of Dance"-by Bseisa Kathinka Bassé on the 9.11.13 Kulturwerk

A performance put together by -Bseisa Kathinka Bassé , with many other dancers performing and building different styles together ,"The Beauty Of Dance "- well I mix singing - musical theater - Variete-tap styles like- Lord Of the dance - Oriental dance with Tap . It should be a really fun evening for more infomation-
Kulturwerk- 9.11.13
"The Beauty Of Dance" Show

Ostendstr. 106a, Stuttgart

Tel. 0711/480 65 45

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Radio Jingle Voiceover -Recording Job 4.9.10Bauer Studios GmbH - DAS Tonstudio für Ihre CD-, DVD- und SACD-Produktionen

Just a little update today I did a Voiceover for a Radio Jingle it was short and fun and also did it in a Australian Accent which was nice makes me love my Country and I am proud to be Australian ☀. The photo is by Jutta Uhde from Stuttgart

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

380 likes on my "In My Dreams " CD page on Facebook

Thanks everyone who has liked my "In My Dreams " CD page on facebook magical photography By - Fräulein Fabelhaft - Janine Kühn,the amazing Sarah Weeber and Oxana .M . And to the wonderful
"Friedrichsbau Variete Stuttgart " & "Freidrichsbau Orchestra " for your support it means the world to me .Ohhhh I can't believe 380 people like it , and I hope it makes u happy and inspires you as well to follow your dreams and let your light shine sending wishing stars your way from Kimberly Trees

Monday, 26 August 2013

Zumba Marathon -on the 25.8.13 Woman Pur Wellness fur Frauen

Yesterday we had a exciting fun time doing Zumba Marathon in" Woman Pur Wellness fur Frauen " from 2.30 till 6pm it is getting easier and funner also Anita was appart of it this time and gave new choreographys which was fantastic for the people .And Gitta for orgainising the poster , decorations and cocktails fantastic job . We also did 2 battles with new choreographys , and in the break there was wonderful cocktails served . Thanks to everyone who was appart of it this was fantastic and I am looking forward to the. Next one . Lots of sunshine from Kimberly Trees

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

ZUMBA-Marathon on sunday 25.8.13 in WOMAN PUR - Wellness fur Frauen

To all of you Zumba Partying people this Sunday is the Zumba-Marathon from 2.30pm till 6pm we are gonna do new Choreographys and play some games it we be loads of fun and I can't wait . But a shame Sandra will not be there she is on holiday , we will miss her . Sending you all energy and sunshine from Kimberly Trees

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Wüttembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart - painting by -JUTTA UHDE 16.8.13

I am so excited about the amazing painting Done by - JUTTA UHDE from Stuttgart ,she has painted 2 different expressions of me the left painting is natural and without Make-up with a calm expression , then the right hand side painting is wild , positive , vibrant and colourful . This shows the power positivity and calmness can bring into peoples lifes . The painting is there in the Wüttembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart
From 17.8.13 till 15.9.13 enjoy the photos and the painting . ☀☀☀

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Bar 5 - performance in GOLDKNOPF COUTURE Dress - Das Grosse Summerfest 27.7.13

This was a special Event in BAR 5 on the 27.7.13 with Summer Collection from Milena Benker- MDRESSCULTURE .

I was Wearing the Fantastic Dress From "GOLDKNOPF COUTURE " with the bow at the front it shows of the figure fantasticly .

Then had the flowing beautiful dress from MDRESSCULTURE.

I did a variete of artistic works into my performance ,with ballet point work and singing" try " . Tapping and singing
"A Little Party Never Killed nobody ". This is my list of songs i did in the
Performance .My wish is to capture and inspire an Audience with creativity .

Set list ----27.7.13 -summer event
1. Get lucky
3.Summer wine -drums
4.Superstition - shakers
5..Blurred lines -

Set list . 2 .
1. Let me think about it ./speevers
2. That power/beat boxing
3. Right now
4. Try- point shoes-
5. A little party never killed nobody -tap

THANKS TO Everyone who supports me
Sending u all sunshine from Kimberly Trees