Monday, 28 October 2013

Performance At Annette & Hansi wedding day 26.10.13 in Kicheim Tech

So I just to give an update saturday 26.10.13 I performed at the wedding of Annette & Hansi in Kircheim Tech St MartinsKiche and I sang " Love Lifts Us Up Were We Belong" ,with the wonderful Pianist -Florian Lipphardt and then there was the reception which was brilliant music playing and then presants were personally given to Annette & Hansi then I Performed 2 songs one for kids
1.Mashmellow Twirl
2. On the Radio

Then Hansi had to find Annette and went searching through Kircheim and found her in the Cafe then the celebrations continued on . What a memorable day and evening it was congratulations to them both .

Lots of sunshine stars
from Kimberly Trees

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