Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Bohnenviertel Festival 23rd till 25th June

Bohnenviertel Festival Performance & Outfit by Modedesign Tobias Siewert 

Performance am 24.7.15
Bohnenviertel Fest 
"Haarstall" -Andrea Heger☀️🎉🌅💃

25.7.15 wearing & performing in long Cat Dress by Modedesign Tobias Siewert  

Dear Everyone hear is update from Bohnenviertel Festival for 3 days & I was performing each evening it was lots of fun each evening was different this is a special event that keeps Stuttgart  alive . 
Singing songs from ABBA , Schlager, pop & 60's style .
Have a wonderful day everyone 
From Kimberly Trees