Saturday, 3 October 2015

Killersburg Penthouse Pool Party on the 22.9.15

Hi everyone , Hope your weekend is going well hear is a up date from another performance at Penthouse in Killersburg Stuttgart ,it started to rain then the fashion show started & the sun came out it was wonderful pure luck. There was all kinds of creative designs shown from Tobias Siewert 
Never thought a designer would let me on the catwalk dreams do come true me on  the catwalk doing the freestyle tooshy walk at private  party in Killersberg wearing the divine dress by-@tobsiemo : Modedesign Tobias Siewert & Kristin Hasselwander & wonderful models ,Tessa,Dominique,Charlotte und Constantin von Crew S-Models und  Immobilian fur zuhause Kristin Hasselwander , Uwe Marcus Magnus Rykov , Rita Thea &  gesang bei mir Kimberly Trees caturing the moments photography by :Sarah Weeber@maerybug.  hairstyling by: Andrea Heger, 

Friday, 2 October 2015

Sommer Festival Stuttgart July 2015

Hi all my wonderful friends & Fans ,

Hear is an update from the sommer festival in July 2015 in Stuttgart , Remy & Sante De Santis were exciting the public with there amazing artistic  food .  I did a rang from Musical theater to Schlager & pop music -Rock & artistic dance as well wearing costumes from Tobias Siewert & Queer mode :-) . 

Sunny weekend from Kimberly Trees 

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Bohnenviertel Festival 23rd till 25th June

Bohnenviertel Festival Performance & Outfit by Modedesign Tobias Siewert 

Performance am 24.7.15
Bohnenviertel Fest 
"Haarstall" -Andrea Heger☀️🎉🌅💃

25.7.15 wearing & performing in long Cat Dress by Modedesign Tobias Siewert  

Dear Everyone hear is update from Bohnenviertel Festival for 3 days & I was performing each evening it was lots of fun each evening was different this is a special event that keeps Stuttgart  alive . 
Singing songs from ABBA , Schlager, pop & 60's style .
Have a wonderful day everyone 
From Kimberly Trees 

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Sommerfest 2015 Juli

To all the wonderful fans of mine hear is another update  this was a sommerfestival in Nellingen At Remy Buttlerin resturant it was a festival with french music & summer music , Schlager I did my concert & danced with the kids they just loved that it went from 11am till 7 pm in the evening with food & rides , dancing as well I teached the little girls how to use the butterfly wings . 

Sending you all glitter flower boom 
From Kimberly Trees