Friday, 10 October 2014

Hutmodernschau on the 28.9.14 event " Foyer Des Opernhauses"

Hi Everyone , I hope you had a wonderful week hear is an up date from a wonderful event I went to the hutmodenshau in the Foyer des opernhauses with Jutta, Gitta & Mayumi it was a show with many different hat designs with brilliant creativity , i just love it there were hats from 3 hat designer I just am thrilled each year to see what they come up with 
" Hut Hanne" - "Herr Lange" -"Birgit sophie metzger" & more it was a wonderful sunday morning September 28.9.14 Thanks very much Jutta Uhde for the einladung brilliant idea , one of my favorite was the butterfly hat woooohh what an amazing design. My space hat was made by Marcelo Pivoto Bolter . I look forward to future designs they all do.

Time for bed after sorting showreel videos out onto USB stick 
Sleep well & have a sunny weekend 
From Kimberly Trees 

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