Friday, 22 April 2016

"Radio Ton -Gourmet Palast "-December 2015 till 2016 January

Hi everyone hope your doing well a little up date on my way to Australia this is from Last year 2015 into 2016- performing in 
" Radio Ton Gourmet Palast ", what an amazing time with brilliant  artist 4 gange menu & 4 Element by Stern Koches Hans-Harald Reber -Reber's Pflug Schwäbisch Hall,  Thomas Wolf
Landhaus Wolf - Restaurant 
Eisenbahn Schwäbisch Hall , Jürgen Koch , Dinner 
- Produced by - Ralph Sun .
On this very sad day that Prince Died he was a one in a  million person & artist you can just feel his  down to earth  honest warmth🎵🌞,
The music world won't be the same 💜💓💓❤️❤️❤️R.I.P Prince 

Sending light & love from kim

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