Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Zumba Party - Woman Pur - Frauen Fitness & Wellness

Hi everyone hear is another update Sunday the 23.6.13 was the ZUMBATHON PARTY in Woman Pur - Frauen Fitness & Wellness and BIG thanks to all the crew who helped and everyone who was there u all were WONDERFUL and Gitta Sigmund who HELPED made it happen and Ellen Ruck for giving me the Chance to do this and Sandra Sessler who did an unreal job jammed and rocked
The place as zumba Instructor . We both did 45 min of zumba choreographys each the 30 min break then i did 30 min and she did 30 min then ZUMBA JAM it was soooooooooo amazing Then we did choreographys of Sandras then Cool Down what a wonderful event it was full of energy and fun ☀

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